Create Multiple Bookmaker Accounts

Why settle for one if you can have everything? Having multiple sportsbook accounts gives you the edge in comparing odds, transferring funds easily, and collecting valuable information for unlimited possibilities. Smart punters are doing this and so should you! Asian Connect carries a wide range of online bookmakers with very good reputation in the industry, and you don’t have to worry about bogus betting sites because we only provide the best Asian Bookmakers market to ensure a safe and secure betting experience.

Benefits of Using Multiple Sportsbook Accounts

Access to the Best Odds

The most significant benefit of having multiple sportsbooks accounts is the ability to compare and contrast odds for a sporting event and buy the best.

Reduce Sportsbook Juice

Owning multiple accounts allows you as a bettor to avoid markets where books are intentionally looking to increase their juice, otherwise known as profit margin.

Maximize Sportsbook Promotions

Generally, the most lucrative bonuses and promotions are reserved for new customers at the sign up and initial deposit stage. Having owned multiple accounts allows you to collect all of these perks and benefit your bottom line.

Avoid Limitations

More often than not, what hinders the success of a sports bettor is the bookmaker’s limits. Holding accounts with multiple sportsbooks enables you to increase your bet size by breaking your stake up into portions and spreading that across many books when you come across a ‘good bet’.

Earn Incentives to Deposit After Inactivity

A bettor whose account lays empty or idle for a period of time will soon receive ‘encouragement’ from their sportsbooks to get back into the game. This mainly comes in the form of deposit bonuses.

Expose to Obscure Betting Markets

Owning multiple sportsbook accounts broadens your horizon with obscure offshore sporting events which certain sportsbooks may not cover, thus greater betting opportunities.

User Experience

This one is a little less personal and a little more practical. There are things about a site that you enjoy more and things that you don’t. The same goes to the other bookie you have an account with. When all is said and done, remember that sports betting is supposed to be all about improving your overall experience.

The Game Starts Now!

The ability of having access to multiple sportsbook accounts is a rite of passage for any bettor as they progress from the occasional recreational wagerer to well-informed winning sports bettor. The game starts now with Asian Connect!

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