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AsianOdds: The complete betting tool

As the most comprehensive and functional betting tool in the market, AsianOdds consolidates real-time odds of major Asian Sports Betting Bookies. It enables members to stake their bets in the shortest time possible through granted access to the best odds from selected bookies—that’s for all football events worldwide. With AsianOdds, you get the complete wagering experience for football—FREE OF CHARGE!

How AsianOdds Work?

Step 1 – We Identify Profitable Bets

We collect data in real time from hundreds of sports books, then identify the gaps in the market.

Step 2 – You Place the Bet

Log into your preferred sports book and place your bet.

Step 3 – Repeat and Watch Your Profits Grow

Quantity is key, place as many wagers as you can each day on your favourite games and tournaments with multiple sportsbook accounts to maximize your profits.

AsianOdds is Designed to Work for All Types of Bettors

Sportsbook Bettors

AsianOdds’ algorithm recommends you wagers across hundreds of bookies that will keep you profitable down the road. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been wagering for years, we’ve got you covered!

Fantasy Bettors

We collect player pros from hundreds of bookies to present you with the most helpful tips and profitable entries on PrizePicks, Underdog, and so on and so forth. No need to “follow your instincts”.

What Sports Betting Tool Do We Offer?

With decades of experience under our belts, our Asian Handicaps platform understand how complicated this process can be given the number of events and wagering markets available. That’s why we’ve put together a menu of handy tools designed to offer you the knowledge you need as a wagerer.

Parlay Calculator

Our parlay calculator significantly reduces the amount of time bettors spend comparing various sportsbooks to find the best odds for their parlay bet.

Betting Odds Calculator

If you’ve just ventured into the world of sports wagering and aren’t sure exactly how to wager effectively, a betting odds calculator may come in handy. Simply enter the amount you wish to wager along with the best odds. The calculator will then work out your expected profit to save you the time and hassle of doing all the calculations yourself.

Moneyline Calculator

Our moneyline calculator works out your expected return on investment. All you have to do is key in your stake and the Asian odds from a selected bookmaker for real money wagering.

Teaser Calculator

A teaser calculator allows you “buy” points. Bettors use these to adjust the points spread to increase chances of winning. The calculator determines the outcome of your teaser combinations so you can determine if it’s worth the wager.

Hedge Calculator

One of the best betting tools for calculating hedge wagers is a hedge calculator. You can Lay a bet or Back a bet. ‘Lay’ refers to wagering against an occurrence. ‘Back’ refers to wagering for an occurrence.

Odds Converter

As experienced bettors may already know, odds come in various forms: American odds (+ or -), a decimal, or a fraction. Whichever variation you insert to the odds calculator, it converts it to all other formats. This tool is especially useful for beginners who are still unfamiliar with the various odds formats, it makes some wagering terminologies easier to comprehend.

Where Sports Betting Becomes Investing

AsianOdds lets you outsmart the bookmakers at their own game by finding profitable odds and giving you the edge.