Trixie Bet Explained | How Does It Work?

A Trixie bet is a multiple betting strategy that combines three selections into four separate wagers: three doubles and one treble. It offers coverage and flexibility, allowing bettors to earn returns even if not all selections win. This concise guide explains how a Trixie bet works and its key benefits.

Introduction to Trixie Betting

Trixie betting is a betting strategy commonly used in sports betting, particularly in horse racing. It involves grouping three different selections or outcomes together to create a set of four distinct bets, which consist of three doubles and one treble. This approach is favored by bettors who wish to diversify their wagers across multiple possibilities without having to place individual bets on each potential combination. Trixie bets belong to the category of “full cover bets” because they encompass all conceivable combinations of the chosen selections, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

How Trixie Betting Works?

To begin a Trixie bet, you first choose three distinct outcomes or events to wager on, which could include various sports such as horse racing, soccer matches, or tennis games.

A Trixie bet involves making four specific bets:

  • Three Doubles: This means you’re placing bets on every possible combination of two of your chosen selections winning. For example, if you pick selections A, B, and C, you would have doubled on AB, AC, and BC.
  • One Treble: This is a bet where all three of your selections must win their respective events.
  • To calculate the total cost of a Trixie bet, you multiply your selected unit stake by four, as there are four distinct bets involved (three doubles and one treble). For example, if your unit stake is $10, the total cost of the Trixie bet would amount to $40 (4 x $10).
  • Regarding potential returns, if one of your selections wins, you’ll receive payouts from one or more of the double bets. If two of your selections are successful, you’ll earn returns from at least one double bet and the treble. If all three selections win, you’ll receive returns from all three doubles and the treble.

What is the difference between Treble and Trixie?

A “treble” and a “trixie” are two different types of bets in sports betting that involve multiple selections, and the main difference between them lies in the number of bets and the outcomes they cover:

  • Treble
    • A treble is a single bet that combines three selections into one wager.
    • In a treble, all three of your chosen selections must win for the bet to be successful.
    • It offers higher potential payouts compared to individual single bets because the odds of all three selections winning are lower.
  • Trixie
    • A Trixie is a multiple bet that combines three selections into a total of four bets: three doubles and one treble.
    • In a Trixie, you cover various combinations of your selections, providing a degree of insurance because you can still win if one or two of your selections are successful.
    • To get a return in a Trixie, at least two of your selections must win. If all three selections win, you’ll receive returns from all the bets within the Trixie.
    • While a Trixie offers a level of coverage, the potential payouts for individual winning bets within the Trixie are generally lower compared to a single treble because you’re spreading your stake across multiple bets.

Benefits of Trixie Bets

  • Coverage and Flexibility: A Trixie bet provides comprehensive coverage by combining three selections into four bets (three doubles and one treble). This means you have multiple opportunities to win, and you can still earn returns even if not all of your selections win.
  • Insurance Against Loss: With a Trixie bet, you can still get returns as long as two out of your three selections are correct. This feature provides a level of insurance, reducing the risk of losing your entire stake, which can be the case with some other bet types.
  • Variety of Betting Markets: Trixie bets can be applied to various sports and events, including horse racing, football, tennis, and more. This versatility allows you to use the Trixie strategy in different betting contexts.
  • Balanced Risk and Reward: While the potential profits per bet within a Trixie are generally lower compared to single bets, the risk is also spread across multiple outcomes. This balance between risk and reward appeals to bettors looking for a middle ground between safety and potential returns.
  • Partial Success Rewards: Even if only one or two of your selections win, you can still receive returns from the winning bets within the Trixie. This can be motivating and may lead to more frequent small wins.
  • Simplicity Compared to Full Cover Bets: While the Trixie is a form of a full cover bet, it is less complex and costly than other full cover bets like the Patent or Yankee, making it more accessible for bettors who want some coverage without the added complexity.
  • Stake Control: With a Trixie, you have control over your stake amount. You can choose your unit stake based on your budget and risk tolerance, allowing for flexibility in your betting strategy.
  • Reduced Variance: The combination of doubles and a treble in a Trixie can help reduce variance compared to placing all your stake on a single selection or a larger accumulator bet, which can be particularly appealing to risk-averse bettors.

Does Trixie bet have any drawbacks?

  • Higher Costs: A Trixie bet involves placing four bets (three doubles and one treble). This means your initial stake is multiplied by four. While this provides coverage across multiple outcomes, it can also be relatively expensive compared to simpler bets like singles or doubles.
  • Lower Potential Profits: Due to the increased coverage, the potential payouts for each individual bet within the Trixie are generally lower compared to single bets or accumulators. If all your selections win, you may not maximize your potential winnings as much as you would with a single bet on those same selections.
  • At Least Two Selections Must Win: To receive any returns from a Trixie bet, you need at least two of your three selections to win. If only one selection wins or none of them win, you will not receive any returns. This means you’re still at risk of losing your entire stake.
  • Complexity: The Trixie bet is more complex than a straightforward single bet. You need to calculate potential returns for four separate bets (three doubles and one treble), which can be challenging for beginners or those not familiar with betting odds.
  • Risk of Losing More than the Stake: If none of your selections win, you’ll lose the entire stake you placed on the Trixie bet, which can be more substantial than a single bet on one of the selections.
  • Complex Winnings Calculation: Calculating potential returns can be more intricate with a Trixie bet, especially when dealing with odds in fractional or decimal formats. This complexity may require a betting calculator or careful manual calculations.


The suitability of a Trixie bet in Asian Connect or any other sports betting platform depends on your specific betting goals and the nature of the events you’re wagering on. As with any betting strategy, conducting thorough research, understanding the odds, and making informed selections are key factors in making successful bets.

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